Three Important Characteristics of a Great Wedding Reception Room in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Catering

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One of the most important aspects in planning a great wedding is putting together a beautiful reception. Remember, the wedding itself is all about you but the reception is all about you and your guests. While you are still the focal point of the event, it is important to plan a reception that is enjoyable and memorable for your guests as well.

For that reason, local wedding planners will want to make sure that they book the best Reception Room in Fort Wayne, IN that they can find. Here are a few things to look for in your potential venues:

  • An Extensive and Customize-able Menu –
  • One of the biggest things that people look forward to in a wedding reception is the food! Be sure to select a venue that offers menu selections that match the wedding couple’s personal taste and style while still offering something for the patrons to enjoy as well. This can sometimes mean the need to customize some options, so be sure to work with a venue that is ok with working with you on this.
  • In-House Staff to Assist with the Event –
  • Planning a large event such as a wedding reception can sometimes mean not only finding a reception venue, but also making menu selections and sometimes even staffing selections. Save yourself this headache by selecting a venue that does in-house catering as well as employing an on-site staff to make sure that everything is perfect on the big day.
  • An Interest in Making the Day Perfect –
  • There’s a big difference in a venue that is willing to let you use a space for a night in exchange for cash and a venue that wants to help you make the event special and perfect. You know which one you want to go with here, right?

One possible venue that you may want to consider for your Reception Room in Fort Wayne, IN is the Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center. For more information or to contact the facility manager for a consultation, visit their web site at Website Domain. Be sure to remember all of the things mentioned above when discussing possibilities with any venue.

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