Three Major Signs that You Need Septic System Services in Milton, DE

Aug 31, 18 Three Major Signs that You Need Septic System Services in Milton, DE

A septic tank that is regularly maintained and repaired will last for at least 15 years, but failing to schedule regular inspections and pumpings may result in damages that require urgent repair. Although a variety of factors usually contribute to necessary septic system services in Milton, DE, homeowners should be aware of some of the top signs that their septic system needs repair.

Odors and Standing Water

Usually, you will be able to smell the signs of septic tank damage before anything else. Homeowners who regularly smell an unpleasant odor and notice standing puddles of dirty water in their yard should immediately click here to contact a professional company about septic system services.

Clogs and Backed-up Pipes

A clogged septic tank usually results in drains backing up and clogging more frequently. If left to become more severe, this problem may result in liquid or solid waste backing up into your home. Any slow moving drains should not be ignored, and homeowners should contact an experienced sewage company to come and assess any septic tank damages.

Length of Time Since Last Maintenance

Although this is not strictly a sign, recording when your septic tank is maintained can help remind you that it is time to schedule regular septic system services. Depending on the number of residents in the home, septic tanks need to be regularly pumped, sometimes as frequently as every year. Talk to your experienced septic system service provider to find out how frequently you should schedule maintenance checks to make sure your septic stays in great condition.

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