Three Medical Emergencies Requiring The Care Of A Licensed Veterinarian In Alexandria, VA

May 15, 18 Three Medical Emergencies Requiring The Care Of A Licensed Veterinarian In Alexandria, VA

Dogs and cats quickly evolve from being just pets to beloved members of a family and, when they become ill, it is essential to make sure that get needed medical care right away. A veterinarian in Alexandria, VA is a specially trained physician that treats illnesses in animals of all kinds, but often the owners are unclear about what constitutes an emergency and warrants immediate treatment. The following is a look at just three of the many issues that require investigation promptly.

Excessive Vomiting

Occasional vomiting may seem like a non-issue in the beginning, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it may be an indicator of a problem related to a pet’s liver or kidneys or even a sign of an intestinal blockage. If a pet is vomiting excessively, it could quickly become life or death when the threat of dehydration is factored in. A veterinarian will conduct a series of blood tests and x-rays to determine the exact cause and create a treatment plan to restore the pet’s health as quickly as possible.

Refusal to Eat

When a pet skips one meal, it may be due to a variety of reasons. But, when that refusal continues for more than 24 hours, it is likely an underlying health issue. Delaying treatment for a pet that is refusing to may cause the problem to become worse. A veterinarian in Alexandria, VA has the tools to determine what the source of a reduced appetite is and will provide them with IV-based nutrients to stave off other health concerns.

Orthopedic Issues

Something as small as a limp may not seem like a significant problem, but dogs and cats are known for their ability to muster courage when in pain, and the actual issue may be much worse than the physical signs they are presenting. Be sure to talk to a veterinarian right away, as failing to take action may lead to even more pain and complicate the treatment process.

When a pet becomes ill, it will cause their owner to experience a great deal of stress and anxiety. The team at Fort Hunt Animal Hospital provides excellent care in a state-of-the-art facility six days a week. Contact them to make an appointment and take the first step in giving a furry loved one the care they deserve.

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