Three Reasons to Hire Independent Insurance Agents in Denver

Oct 26, 20 Three Reasons to Hire Independent Insurance Agents in Denver

When you shop for new insurance coverage, you have the option of dealing with two different kinds of agents, captive and independent. Most people don’t even know these two options exist. Captive agents work for a traditional agency while independent agents work on their own. Typically, people hire captive insurance agents for their home and auto coverage. It could be a good idea to consider independent insurance agents in Denver. Here’s why.


Independent agents work with a smaller client base, helping them provide world-class customer service to their clientele. Phone calls and emails could take up to a week with a captive agent. If your main concern is how quickly your insurance claims get processed, an independent agent is a choice for you.


Independent agents can work with any insurer they want, meaning they can shop your policy around to get you the best service and price possible. They will then be the representative between you and the insurance company. Independent insurance agents in Denver give you choices and flexibility that captive agents don’t.

They Work For You

The independent agent works for you, not the insurance company. They will put you first if there is a problem with your claim. A captive agent may be inclined to play both sides of the coin because their paychecks are signed by the insurer, not you.

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