Three Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen First When You Update Your Home

Jan 13, 22 Three Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen First When You Update Your Home

Are you considering updating your home with a remodel? This is a great idea if you are getting ready to put it on the market, or if you have lived there for a long time and are simply looking for something new.

The first question you should ask yourself is “What room should I remodel first?”. To me, the answer is the kitchen. The following are three reasons you should use hire someone for Old Town kitchen remodeling first for your home’s update.

1. Value – The kitchen is often listed as the most important room in the house for prospective buyers. Using Old Town kitchen remodeling is proven to bring back more value than any other room in the home when it comes to a remodel. In most cases, it will return far more than the amount you spent on the remodel itself.

2. Energy Saving – Updating your home with modern appliances can have a great effect on your monthly energy bills. Change your dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator to EnergyStar-rated products. You will notice a massive difference in your utility bills. Over time, the new appliances will pay for themselves.

3. Functionality – Your kitchen may not have a very functional floorplan because it was designed decades ago. When you have it remodeled, it is possible to completely redesign the floorplan to make it more functional for you.

These are just three great reasons to start with the kitchen when you remodel your home. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market and want more information about how a kitchen remodel can help you, contact the pros at Arete Renovators, Inc. by visiting

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