Three Reasons you need a Plumber for Kitchen and Bathroom Renos

The Plumbing Queens NY homeowners require during their home renovations should not be left to chance. You want to know that when it comes to new kitchens and bathrooms everything is done to code. If not you can put in a lot of time and money that could go to waste if you run into plumbing. Here are three good reasons to call in the plumbing experts before you begin your bathroom or kitchen remodel:

  1. Working to Code: You may hire a contractor with years of experience in home renovations who comes up with the perfect plan and well within your budget. However unless they show you their plumbers licence you have no guarantee they will be working to code. It might seem like you can save yourself some money. Unfortunately when your new shower stall proceeds to leak onto your $10,000 hardwood dining room floors you will be singing a different tune. Be certain your contractor either is a plumber or shows you the credentials of the plumber he plans to hire. Without a fully licensed plumber you can be in for a whole lot of hurt including very serious leaks and floods that will cost you a fortune. Even more potentially dangerous is the slow leak that can cause dangerous mould.
  2. Better Know How: When you want to make your kitchen or bathroom more functional you might want to move some of your plumbing to a spot that makes the layout more efficient. A reno team might know how to move things and knock down walls, but chances are they have no idea of how to move pipes and drains correctly. Depending on the severity of your layout changes you want a plumber in on the conversation to ensure it is a) plausible and b) done properly.
  3. Permits: Last but not least a plumber will ensure you have the proper permits to protect you from any issues down the road. When you want to sell your home you want a bathroom and kitchen that not only looks good but that has the paper work to show things were done to code with the proper permits.

These are three compelling reasons you should work with the plumbing Queens NY homeowners use for kitchen and bathroom remodels.

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