Reasons to Choose Stump Grinding in Peachtree City GA

May 12, 21 Reasons to Choose Stump Grinding in Peachtree City GA

Leaving a stump behind after a tree has been cut down is a common choice among residential property owners, but there are some disadvantages with this decision. Often, it’s simply inertia that leads people to leave the stump there and learn to ignore it. They don’t want to figure out how to get rid of it, and they decide it really doesn’t look that unattractive. Hiring a tree service to perform stump grinding in Peachtree City GA is a better solution.

Tree roots store energy, keeping them viable after the main tree structure is gone. When a stump is present, the roots typically send up suckers that grow quickly into small trees. Property owners must be vigilant about trimming back the suckers or those thin reeds will soon grow into sturdy trunks of significant diameter. They tend to be unsightly as they grow with wild abandon, and they lack the loveliness of more normal trees.

Stump grinding also prevents insects from taking up residence in the rotting wood. Decaying wood is very attractive to several kinds of pests, including termites, carpenter ants, and hornets. Hornets may sting people and pets that get too close, and the wood-chewing insects may invade the home and cause considerable damage.

As the stump begins to gradually disintegrate, the area underneath it and around it becomes hollowed out. Those places can be hazardous for anyone walking there. The hidden holes can cause someone to trip and fall, and become injured. Instead, having it removed by a contractor such as 770-tree-guy keeps the area safe and also frees up a portion of the yard that was unusable before.

Unless the yard is a forest of trees, the stump is going to stand out like a sore thumb. Some property owners decorate the wood by planting flowers around it or putting a planter of flowers on top. There may be some rustic beauty to this maneuver, but the stump is still just a decaying piece of wood and still is associated with the other problems.

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