Three Signs of Gingivitis and What You Should Do About It

Gingivitis is a condition that affects many people in the world. It’s something that you can cure if you catch it early enough and take the appropriate steps. The following are three signs that you might have it.

Bleeding During Brushing

Bleeding from the gums is one of the first signs that people notice when they have gingivitis. You may notice it when you are brushing your teeth, or it may occur when you are flossing instead. The bleeding occurs because of the infection and the bacteria that has built up on or around the surface.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is, unfortunately, another indicator that you may have gingivitis. You can usually tell that you have bad breath by a taste in your mouth that you may not like. You may have a kind friend who tells you, or you might conduct a tongue test to find out how your breath smells. You may have gingivitis if you find that it isn’t a favorable scent.

Receding Gums

Advanced gingivitis may cause your gums to recede. You must get care from a family dental Yorktown NY office if you notice this happening. You will need to get a procedure that can stop the gum recession and reverse the gingivitis if it’s possible. Timing is important, so you have to be proactive about your treatment for the condition. A skilled dental provider can help you.

The solution to a problem with gingivitis is to schedule an appointment with a family dental Yorktown NY provider as quickly as possible. Make sure you contact a reputable provider that truly cares about you and your well being. This provider will give you the best treatment plan to solve the problem.

Contact Northeast Dental, PLLC to schedule an appointment for testing and consultation if you believe you may have gingivitis.

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