Three Signs That Your Loved One May Need In-Home Care for Seniors

Jul 30, 19 Three Signs That Your Loved One May Need In-Home Care for Seniors

Is an elderly family member slowing down? If so, you may want to consider care-at-home services in Philadelphia, PA. Senior home-care services are meant to improve the safety, happiness, and quality of life of elderly clients. Though these services are tailored to individuals’ unique needs, they’re not for everyone. Learn what to look for when deciding whether a loved one needs in-home care.

A Disheveled Look

One of the earliest signs of a loved one’s decline is changes in their appearance. Often, these changes are due to a person’s inability to practice self-care. Many senior citizens find it hard to groom themselves, shower regularly or do laundry because of balance or mobility problems. In some cases, it’s not insufficient coordination that’s the problem, but a disorder such as depression or dementia.

Declining Health

Another sign of the need for in-home care includes increasing health needs. You may find that your family member has missed doctor appointments because of memory lapses or the unavailability of transportation. In other cases, a senior may forget to take medication or take the wrong dose. Look for full medicine bottles, unfilled prescriptions, and worsening conditions.

Poor Nutrition

Through proper nutrition is crucial at every stage of life, it’s particularly important during the senior years. Many seniors find it difficult to prepare single-serve meals, and some can’t cook or shop for themselves. Common signs of poor nutrition include weight loss or gain, an empty pantry or refrigerator or a general decline in health. If a loved one has no appetite, they may need professional evaluation to determine the nature of the problem.

Today’s care-at-home services in Philadelphia, PA, offer seniors a chance to grow old in the surroundings they love. While many seniors maintain their quality of life in nursing facilities, most would rather remain at home. In-home care allows seniors to maintain their independence and live a happier and fuller life.

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