Three Tips For Atlanta Homeowners With Dogs Who Dig Under Fences And Run

Jan 13, 20 Three Tips For Atlanta Homeowners With Dogs Who Dig Under Fences And Run

Pet parents of dogs would do anything to make sure their beloved pets are healthy and happy. Part of that is safety. Some pet parents have dogs who are runners. The fear is that the animal will get into traffic with the unwanted result. As a provider of fencing services in Atlanta, GA, we have three tips to share with pet parents of dogs who run.

1. Think About Why The Dog Runs

To begin ending a dog’s need to run, consider why she does it. She might be in her mating season. She could be curious about her surroundings. If she just moved in, she might want the security of her old home and runs to it. If pet parents work all day, she could be lonely and seeking companionship. She could be frightened by an event she doesn’t understand like a break-in. Spend time with her to discover why she runs.

2. Rock That Fence

Lining the base of the fence with stones not only looks incredible, but it keeps your dog from digging under the fence to run away. You’d also have a good idea if you attached chain or mesh fencing to the bottom of the fence. She can’t dig through fencing that services in Atlanta, GA, can chain link.

3. Curbed

It’s a tad expensive, but installing a mow strip like a curb along the fence will keep your dog from digging under it. It makes the yard look great and prevents your dog from escaping. Summit Fence knows all kinds of good fencing tips and hacks, so contact us at to learn them. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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