Tips For Decorating With Mirrors In Smithtown, NY

Apr 15, 19 Tips For Decorating With Mirrors In Smithtown, NY

A mirror is an attractive and versatile piece of decor, and adding a mirror to a room can often transform it. The following are some tips for decorating with mirrors in Smithtown NY.

Consider What The Mirror Reflects

When hanging a mirror, it’s important to consider what is reflected. For example, if a mirror reflects a dark or cluttered space from any angle, it’s emphasizing an area most people would rather not draw attention to. However, if a mirror is placed so that it reflects a window, it can make the room look brighter and more spacious. A mirror can also be used to reflect something beautiful, like a piece of art or a leafy plant.

Use Mirrors To Magnify Light

In the days before electric lighting, home owners used mirrors and crystals to reflect the light of candles or gas lamps. Nowadays, mirrors can still work wonders to bring more light into a dark room or dark corner. To get this effect, place a mirror behind a lamp or place a mirror on a wall where it can reflect the lamp light across the room.

Use A Mirror As A Focal Point

A mirror with an unusual shape or frame can make the perfect focal point in a room. Consider arranging a wall gallery with an ornately framed mirror in the center. Alternatively, let one large mirror dominate an otherwise empty wall.

Don’t Forget About Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors can be an excellent alternative to hanging mirrors. A floor mirror can enliven a dull corner. Consider placing a floor mirror behind or facing a potted plant to reflect the greenery.

Consider Mirror-Hanging Tips From Feng Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese art and science of arranging space, and it has a lot to say about mirror placement. For example, according to the rules of feng shui, a mirror should never reflect a bed, a toilet, or an exit. The best mirrors are those that reflect light and nature, thus bringing positive energy into the home.

Much less expensive than most framed artwork, mirrors can be a great asset to anyone’s home decor. Click here to see a range of decorative Mirrors in Smithtown NY.

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