Tips for Maintaining your Carpet

by | May 20, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Purchasing a carpet is an expensive investment so it is important that once the carpet is fitted we know how to keep the carpet looking its best. It is not advisable or cost effective to keep changing carpets year after year because of poor care and cleaning. There are many different types and styles of carpets so it can be a little difficult to understand exactly how we should maintain each type and style. Different types of carpets require different cleaning methods so it advisable to consult one of the many companies dealing with specialist flooring in London. They will not only be able to assist you with the purchase of your new flooring or carpet, they will also be able to offer you advice and guidance in relation to maintaining it correctly. With any new carpet there are a number of key points to consider in relation to care and cleaning, specifically relating to vacuum frequency and stain removal.

How, where and when to vacuum

It is advisable that we vacuum the carpet as often is reasonably practicable. The carpet is an area that can attract dirt and dust very easily. This is especially the case in busy offices where office staff are walking on the carpet throughout the day. When office staff go outside for any reason they almost certainly bring dirt and dust back into the office area with them. This dirt and dust is easily transferred from their footwear to the carpet. At first glance the carpet may not look dirty or in need of a vacuum but carpet fibres, especially the thicker carpets, can keep the dirt and dust trapped deep down. If we do not vacuum regularly this can have a severe impact on the appearance and smell of the carpet. It is advised that we vacuum at least once a day in a busy office environment to reduce the risk of this type of damage to the carpet.

Dealing with spillages and stains

If there is a spillage on the carpet, resulting in a stain, it is suggested that we should clean and attempt to remove the stain immediately. Should we wait and leave the stain on the carpet we run the risk of being unable to remove the stain when we attempt to at a later time. Stains are most easily removed immediately after becoming visible, if the carpet is the victim of any spillages we should first remove the spillage as much as possible and then clean the damaged area with the relevant cleaning material. If unsure, we should seek the advice of one of the many companies dealing with specialist flooring & carpet in London.

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