Tips for Promoting Healing After Eye Surgery in Wichita, KS

Apr 12, 19 Tips for Promoting Healing After Eye Surgery in Wichita, KS

Patients who are considering eye surgery in Wichita KS often have concerns about the healing process and what it will entail. This is true whether patients are having cataracts removed or getting laser vision correction. Thankfully, most eye surgeries are only minimally invasive and the prognosis for these common surgeries is quite good.

Want to make sure that everything goes smoothly during recovery? Read on to find some tips that can help.

Use Eye Drops as Prescribed

After Eye Surgery in Wichita KS, most patients are given prescription eye drops. These should always be used exactly as instructed. Patients in recovery from eye surgery should also make a point of washing their hands prior to each application of their eye drops to minimize their risk of infection.

Avoid Eye Rubbing

It is very important that patients who have recently undergone eye surgery avoid rubbing or otherwise touching their eyes, especially for the first week following their surgeries. This is true not just when they are administering eye drops but also as they go through the rest of their days and even at night while they are sleeping. Some doctors even give patients goggles or eye shields to wear while they sleep so that they don’t wind up rubbing the area without meaning to.

Get Plenty of Rest

Adequate rest is an absolute must when recovering from any kind of surgery and eye surgeries are no exception. The body needs time to heal and most people really only rest their eyes adequately while they are asleep. It’s also advisable to avoid any kind of taxing physical activity for at least a week or two after having eye surgery and to avoid swimming and contact sports for up to a month as indicated by the surgeon.

The Bottom Line

Healing from eye surgery takes time and patients often find that their vision fluctuates somewhat during the days immediately following their surgeries. The best thing that they can do is to rest up, follow their doctors’ orders regarding their prescription eye drops, and avoid touching their eyes for any reason. Visit Grene Vision Group online today to learn more about common surgical procedures and the specialists who perform them prior to heading in for surgery.

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