Tips for Simple and Elegant Web Design

Oct 13, 20 Tips for Simple and Elegant Web Design

Your website is the first place most people will go to find out more about you. The ability to look things up, and do quick research online has become commonplace. Web design in Swindon is more important to businesses than ever before. The majority of people have a computer with internet at home, as well as a smartphone with them when they are on-the-go. So it almost goes without saying that a company’s website is of the utmost importance to attracting customers. Having an attractive and professionally designed website for your business is probably one of the best things you can do in terms of advertising. Using a company that specializes in web design in Swindon is the best way to go about getting a business website up and running easily. Here are some things to keep in mind before creating a website for your business.

Mobile Web Users

Recent studies indicate that as high as 60% of all internet traffic is used by people on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Websites must be designed to work well with smaller screens on these devices in order to be effective in these times. A responsive website is designed so that it can detect what type of device a visitor is using, so it can adapt itself to display on their screen properly. The other option for making sure that mobile users can use your website easily using their devices is to have one website designed for regular computer users, and another separate mobile website designed for mobile users. Depending on what features you require on your company’s website, either option could be more appropriate. PWL Agency, Swindon web design & marketing experts will be able to help you make your website work for mobile users, and they will be able to create a website that fits you and your visitor’s needs.

Minimalist Is Best

For a simple and elegant website you do not want it to appear busy and cluttered. Minimalism is the trend in designing user-friendly websites. Users don’t necessarily want to read pages and pages of information. In fact, they will tend to skim or skip content if it seems too long to them. The key is knowing where the users’ eyes will tend to be drawn on the page. Whitespace is a key element to page design. A company like PWL Agency will be able to design websites that quickly and easily get your message across to the visitors. For more information visit

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