Tips For Wearing Mens Kilts

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Clothing Store

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Mens kilts for sale are knee-length skirts that are made up of the tartan print. Typically, the kilt is pleated and a mini bag is worn on the front. Kilts are generally made from woven wool in colours that range from forest green to traditional red.

When Should You Wear a Kilt?

Most commonly, mens kilts for sale are worn to formal events, such as memorial days, funerals, weddings, and any other important ceremony. Kilts are also worn during the event known as the Highland Games which celebrates Scottish heritage. Also, kilts are synonymous with the military, however, they are worn sparingly during battles.

How to Wear a Kilt

Wearing a kilt is sort of like wearing a beach wrap. Many kilts feature a leather buckle on the side that is used to adjust the tightness of the kilt. Once you put on a kilt, you need to start thinking about the accessories that you are going to add.

Traditionally, mens kilts are worn with a white collared shirt, double-breasted blazer, bow tie, knee socks, and loafers. You may choose to include a front pouch to provide you with a place to store your belongings.

Of course, there are other ways to wear this classic military ensemble. These days, men are choosing to wear their kilts with other types of clothing, such as leather jackets, street sneakers, and sweaters. Styling tips vary according to the colour and cut of the kilt. While most kilts are knee-length, there are some versions that are above and below this hemline. When it comes to accessories, many choose to wear matching hats, jewellery, and bags to complete the look.

How to Choose a Kilt

Before you go out and purchase a kilt, there are a few things that you need to know. Traditional kilts are made from woven wool. However, today there are a lot of designers that are choosing to use polyester and cotton because they are more breathable. It is important to note that the price changes according to the material used.

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