Tips to Help You With Tin Ceiling Installation

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Installing a pressed metal ceiling can help to restore the history of an older house or give a sense of old-world charm to newer properties. Even with all the ornate and delicate looking detail, tin ceiling installation is a fairly easy process. Some tips to help you with this project are highlighted here.

It’s Aluminum, Not Tin

While pressed metal ceilings are commonly referred to as tin ceilings, the majority of them are created from aluminum alloy, rather than tin. The reason for this is because aluminum is completely resistant to corrosion and a durable product. It will not rust like steel, and it means that it is much better suited for long-term applications.

Paint then Hang

When you are beginning a project for tin ceiling installation, it is important to use the right steps. If you have an existing metal ceiling, then you will have to paint the tiles where they are. However, if you are installing a new ceiling, you can paint the panels prior to installing them, saving pain and discomfort for your neck, arms and back.

Attaching Your Tin Ceiling Panels

Once you have painted your panels, then it is time for tin ceiling installation. The majority of suppliers will provide detailed instructions for fitting the tiles. The easiest way to install tin ceiling tiles is to do son on a plywood sub-ceiling. All you have to do is nail the tin tile to the actual plywood. While strapping is another common method, plywood is easier for most homeowners.

Evaluating Your Work

Once you have all of the tiles up in their proper positions, you should inspect the ceiling to see if you can find any nail heads. If so, you will need to do some work to ensure they are hidden; however, if none are visible, your work is done.

While installing tin ceiling tiles is not the most difficult job in the world, if you are not confident in your abilities, you should call the professionals. Abingdon Construction is available to install your tin ceiling and ensure it looks great. Hiring the pros will ensure that there are no serious issues with the results that are achieved.



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