Trailer Repairs in Cameron Park Even the Most Experienced Operator Could Face

Virtually anything could go wrong when operating a trailer. From lighting issues to flat tires, Murphy’s Law certainly applies. While some problems boil down to little more than lack of maintenance, other’s can’t be so easily avoided. Either way, they bring about the need for Trailer Repair Cameron Park from an experienced professional. One with a wide range of connections to parts suppliers certainly helps make the process simpler and smoother.

Low or Uneven Tire Pressure

Improperly inflated tires are a leading factor in trailer sway. This can lead to tire and wheel damage and cause accidents resulting in extensive destruction to the trailer and any vehicles involved. Averting the need for Trailer Repair Cameron Park caused by this problem may be as simple as checking tire pressure before loading a trailer and taking it out on the road. Having a tire pressure monitoring system installed can help take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation, though.

Improper Load Distribution

Having more weight on one side of a load than the other or placing too much weight at the rear of a trailer can cause any number of problems, not the least of which is fishtailing. Repeat offences can damage not only the tires and wheels but the axle and even the body of the trailer. Always be sure each load is evenly distributed with heavier items placed between the front and the axle and equal weight on either side of the trailer.


Poor visibility and unexpected obstacles are among the most common causes of this problem. Of course, loaning a trailer to a friend with little towing experience also enters the mix. Jackknifing can cause a great deal of damage to the trailer tongue and frame as well as any cargo on board and the vehicle towing it. If the trailer damage isn’t too extensive to be repaired, it can be remedied by a company like Vintage Transport.

Though the need for trailer repairs can come from an endless array of sources both on the road and off, it can often be avoided with the right measures. Keep an eye on tire pressure and exercise due to caution when loading. If there’s any doubt when backing up, either find a different approach or use a spotter. For more information about causes of damage or repair options, visit us

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