Transform Your Visions to Reality with Landscape Design in Darien, CT

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Landscaping

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While trapped inside during winter’s deep freeze, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine being able to comfortably enjoy the outdoors again. In truth, those few months of dreaming about backyard barbecues and long, lazy evenings in the sun could actually be spent creating a haven just for those purposes. By adding a few features to your Landscape Design in Darien CT, during cold weather, the entire space could be ready to enjoy once spring and summer return.

Among the most popular of these are patios. Whether adjoining the house or several feet away amongst the flower beds, these are wonderful ways of extending a living space. Though some prefer the texture and appearance of wood, this material requires considerable maintenance. A suitable alternative could be PVC or one of its many variations. This material offers the look of wood grain with added strength and far less upkeep. Brick and rock generate a more rustic atmosphere and can be equally versatile, if not more so.

Incorporating a fountain into the natural landscape of the yard is another favored idea. These add beauty while providing a calming effect, able to be enjoyed from a patio, deck or simple bench nestled in the midst of an exotic flower garden. They can be as simple or elaborate as desired with a number of designs and materials available.

Gazebos were once highly popular additions to lawns across the country. Though homeowners veered away from these features over the years, they are certainly making a comeback. Implemented in place of a patio or alongside one, they bring a great deal of charm to outdoor spaces as well as a bit of relief from direct sunlight. Pavers creating a path to either of these elements of Landscape Design in Darien CT, are also a lovely touch. You can visit here to get more information.

Retaining walls are functional components preventing erosion and destruction of other landscape or hardscape features, but they don’t have to be unsightly. When created using the same types of stone or blocks as other elements in the yard, they become part of the scenery rather than obstructions. Contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC for questions regarding any of those features and many more. Spend winter transforming your lawn into a dream space to maximize enjoyment of warmer weather.


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