Understanding Diabetes and How it May Be Possible to Reverse It

Dec 03, 19 Understanding Diabetes and How it May Be Possible to Reverse It

When type 2 diabetes hits, it is because cells within the body that help to regulate blood sugar no longer function as they should. When people lose weight, it usually lowers fat levels in the pancreas and liver, which in turn can jumpstart cells that release insulin to get keep blood sugar under control. While each person is different and reacts differently, the concept is the same across the board. Exercise plays a vital role as well, but even if you lose some weight with exercise it can’t bring blood sugar levels right on its own. Good nutrition is critical to the process.

The Prevalence of Diabetes

Diabetes afflicts millions of people around the world and is the 7th top killer in the United States. It also significantly increases the risk of stroke and heart disease, which kills even more people than diabetes on a yearly basis. It causes damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerve tissue, the cardiovascular system, and even increases the risk of cancer. It takes a huge toll on not only the overall population, but it is incredibly costly to treat as well since so many people suffer with it. The thing that most people do not understand about it is that it is totally preventable, so in essence, we do it to ourselves in a strange sort of way. Our food and lifestyle choices determine the bulk of whether or not we get type 2 diabetes. You can reverse type II diabetes in Oakland, CA, with the help of a physician that specializes in treating the disease.

Begin the Reversal Process Today

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