Unique Shower Doors in Waukesha, WI Can Give Your Bathroom A Special Appeal

If you are getting older or have some kind of disability, you may want to remodel your bathroom so that it better suits your special needs. A traditional shower inside of a bath tub may be to0 challenging for you to use. The question you need to ask yourself is, “With the available space, how can you change your bathroom to make it easier to use?” If you were to take out the standard bath tub and replace it with a walking tub, it would be easier for you to get into for a good soak. With the leftover space you could put in a no barrier walk-in shower.

To make a really great walk-in shower, you could have floor-to-ceiling glass panels and an easy open shower door. You might want to frame the door with polished chrome and have the door glass be what is called obscure glass. This is a kind of glass that obscures the view through it. You can get the same effect with “rain glass. Shower Doors in Waukesha WI can come in a variety of looks from a clear glass to a semi-frosted door with some kind of etched design on it. This can give the bathroom a very interesting look. You could also elect to used a “notch cut bath with shower.” With glass enclosing the notch cut shower, you will also have a wide selection of Shower Doors in Waukesha, WI.

Installing walk-in tubs and Shower Doors should always be installed by certified professionals that are fully insured. This way you are guaranteed that the job is done right and it will be warrantied by the company that does the installation. Some people might like to have a no barrier shower without a shower door in their master bathroom. This is a specially designed shower that could have floor-to-ceiling glass separator panels to isolate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Inside of the shower you could have a fold-down seat or perhaps a bench seat with a hand held shower head for people that need to be seated even when showering. With a slightly slanted non slip floor, the water from the shower will not get the rest of the bathroom wet and this kind of specialty shower might even increase the value of your home.

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