Use a Humorist to Keep People Motivated at Speaking Engagements

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Education

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Keep People MotivatedWhen you are planning a speaking engagement for your corporation, consider hiring a clean corporate humorist to keep the crowd motivated. Most types of conventions and meetings can become boring and it can be difficult to keep a large group of people interested in the topic. This does not have to be the case when you consider ways to keep them interested. Humor is a great way to help people relate to one another and infuse a positive attitude. This is especially true when a motivational speaker uses humor to connect with the audience.

Hire a Certified Speaking Professional

You do not want to put an important convention or meeting into the hands of a speaker that just proclaims they are a humorist speaker. Professional speakers are going to be able to provide you with credentials and examples of their work. Be sure the motivation speaker you hire is certified by the National Speakers Association. They hold the standard for judging motivational speakers. A certified speaker can easily handle a large crowd and keep them interested on the current topic. This does not mean the comedy used has to be derogatory or dirty either. Clean humor motivates people and brings them together with a common bond.

Keep it Light with Laughter

When you hire a humorist to use comedy during an engagement, you are ensuring that the audience is engaged and motivated. Laughter is great therapy that makes people happier and increases a positive outlook. This goes a long way when you are introducing topics that are new. You want your crowd to be receptive and remember the keynote speaker so they can associate a good time with your conference. This is a great way to achieve success for any business.

Using Humor to Improvise about Topics

While working with a motivational speaker, you can instill in them your corporate values and the core of your business. They will then be able to clearly define your motives and objectives to customers and employees while in a comfortable and fun setting. Make sure your next convention is successful with a comedic keynote speaker. Not only will the crowd walk away feeling rejuvenated, they will have connected with one another, you, and most important of all, your business. Work closely with a humorist to make sure your next convention, event, or meeting has a special spark of comedy.

Doug Dvorak CSP is a certified and professional clean corporate humorist. View his website to learn more about his speaking engagements and how he uses humor in the corporate world.

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