What a Dentist is Checking for During Your Routine Dental Exam

Sep 12, 18 What a Dentist is Checking for During Your Routine Dental Exam

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, the care starts at home with routine brushing and flossing. While you can prevent a variety of dental problems by brushing and flossing your teeth at home each day. There are some dental issues that go undetected and require a dentist in Brockport area to catch the problem. From health problems to oral care issues, there is a range of diseases and dental problems that a dentist is looking for when they perform your routine examination. The services provided in a dental office are used to correct any current oral issues and prevent a variety of issues from occurring.

Possible Health and Oral Problems

  • A dentist in Brockport is looking for decayed or damaged teeth.
  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Any issues with a person’s jaw or bite issues.
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Bone diseases that can alter the alignment of teeth and the person’s facial features.
  • A dentist is checking to make sure the individual is using the right brushing and flossing technique.
  • They check for signs of additional health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
  • Excessive buildup of plaque that causes damage to teeth if left unaddressed.

Schedule Your Six Month Checkup Today

Whether it is time for your routine checkup or it has been a while since your teeth were examined by a dentist. You should contact Brockport Dental to schedule an appointment with one of their skilled dental professionals. They strive to provide the comprehensive services required to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent a variety of dental problem. From general cleaning to cosmetic treatments, you can rely on them to provide the high-quality services you deserve to obtain a healthy smile. You do not have to risk the health of your mouth when a friendly team of dental experts is ready to provide the oral care services you require.

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