What are the Benefits of Staying in Student Housing in Indianapolis?

Nov 26, 20 What are the Benefits of Staying in Student Housing in Indianapolis?

If you’re planning to attend Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis in the coming semester, your living arrangements are probably a significant concern. You can choose to stay in a dorm on campus, or you can look for IUPUI student housing. If you’re unsure about living off-campus, consider these benefits.

You’ll Save Money

While the cost of the dorm itself may not be overly expensive, there are extras that will drive up that cost. One example includes the required meal plan costs. It can be far less costly to do your own shopping and prepare meals in your off-campus accommodations. As you add in these extras, you’ll find that living on campus will actually be more expensive than you considered.

You’ll Get More Privacy

When you live in a dorm, there will be rules in place that you’ll have to obey in order to maintain your residency. This isn’t true of off-campus housing. Living in a student housing complex that’s off-campus allows you a little more freedom and privacy. This can be especially helpful when you work a late evening job or have to cram for an exam.

You’ll Get Away From the Learning Environment

Another benefit of off-campus student housing is that you’ll spend more time away from the learning environment. Staying in a dorm can leave you feeling smothered by institutional living. However, nearby student housing keeps you close to the school but allows you to experience life in the city. Even the student housing complex may offer social activities and common areas that allow you to enjoy yourself and meet other students socially.

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