What Can You Expect When You Have a Mammogram with Doctor Carrollton?

As a woman, the health of your breasts is extremely important. Breast health can become compromised when cysts and tumors invade the healthy breast tissue. Many women fall victim to breast cancer each year, making it increasingly important for women to consistently check the health of their breasts, both through self-examination and mammograms. Many women put off having their annual mammograms because of their fears and even their embarrassment. By knowing what to expect at your mammogram procedure, you will feel more at ease and better prepared for your test with Doctor Carrollton.

What Happens When You Have a Mammogram?

Most women dread when it comes time for them to have their annual mammogram. Though it is not an experience most women look forward to, it is absolutely essential, in keeping your breasts healthy. Early detection is the number one key for women being able to survive breast cancer. The earlier tumors are found, the sooner they can be removed and your breast tissue treated. To find these tumors, mammograms are essential.

When you go in for your mammogram, you will first disrobe and wear a robe that opens in the front. This will allow the mammogram technician access to your breasts so they can be tested. Each breast will be tested separately. You will place your breast on the plastic plate of the mammogram machine. The technician will slowly lower the top plate, staying in communication with you, to make sure you are not feeling any pain. The machine will help to flatten out your breast tissue, so a good image can be taken of the inner tissues. Though the process is a bit uncomfortable, you should not be in pain.

Once both breasts have been imaged, your X-ray images will be sent for a radiologist to read. You will typically receive information from Doctor Carrollton within about twenty-four hours. If any problems were found, you will be brought in to discuss them.

If you are in need of a mammogram, contact Womens Care of West Georgia LLC and schedule your appointment right away. They will be glad to provide you with all of the women’s health services you need, to stay healthy.


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