What Every Minneapolis Business Needs To Know About Working With HR Executive Search Firms

One of the options that any small to medium sized Minneapolis business has is to outsource or to hire HR firms rather than have an in-house staff. However, hiring HR executive search firms does take planning and an understanding of what these companies can provide.

Choosing the right HR search firm is important. Making a wrong choice can result in a poor quality of professional recruited for job openings, decreased ability to fill positions and issues with even short-term retention of new hires. This leads to increased costs and lack of confidence in the ability of the HR firm to make a top recommendation.

To help, consider the following issues when you are hiring or contracting with HR executive search firms in the city. Ideally, start by reviewing the company and their ability to work with both candidates as well as businesses to make matches that are beneficial to everyone involved.

Your Industry

Any HR professional has to have industry knowledge. It is impossible to match the right candidate with the right job if there is only a general understanding of the roles and responsibilities the candidate will have once hired.

This doesn’t mean that general HR executive search firms can’t find the right employee for a specific job in an industry. However, by having a team approach and providing the right HR professional working to fill your vacancies, the rate of retention of these hires will be higher.

Networking and Opportunities

The best HR executive firms focus on bringing in qualified new candidates on an ongoing basis. They don’t respond to the needs of a company; they proactively network with prospective candidates using social media, networking and training events to develop a good list of potential professionals for their niche area.

They also reach out to those professionals currently employed but looking for a change. For many businesses in the Minneapolis area this brings in a wealth of potential candidates that have extensive experience and skills, but that may not be active on job boards or hiring websites.

It is also critical to consider the HR search firm as an extension of your company. Ask about their process of interviewing and assessing potential candidates, and how their candidates tend to perform in positions. This valuable information can help you to decide if this is the firm you wish to work with for your hiring needs.

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