What Function Is Served By A Foot Doctor In Kenosha, WI?

Jan 21, 20 What Function Is Served By A Foot Doctor In Kenosha, WI?

The practice of medicine has become highly specialized these days and, while there are still qualified doctors who choose to become what we call “general practitioners”, medical science has reached a point where no single doctor can ever hope to be fully trained and be knowledgeable in every single aspect of what could possibly go wrong with the human body. Thus, we have heart surgeons, brain surgeons, etc where the name indicates the area of their main medical expertise.

The Human Foot

Traditional eastern medicine places great importance on the human foot particularly in the theories about energy flow around our bodies and the effect of manipulation on various pressure points – such as in acupuncture or reflexology. To them, our feet contain the highest concentration of such pressure points. So, is a reflexologist working in Kenosha the Foot Doctor Of Kenosha, WI? This is hardly likely since medical doctors will be quick to point out that, despite thousands of years use, there is still no convincing evidence that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition.

However, medical science does know much about human feet and their importance in a healthy life. An already qualified medical doctor or surgeon who has put in extra time learning about feet and how they connect to our legs and on up to our brains is said to have studied podiatry (a term first used around 1900 in the USA to describe the study and diagnosis of medical and surgical treatment for disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities). Podiatric studies include many other aspects of medical science from sports medicine and orthopedics to diabetes and neurology (which perhaps is an unsaid acknowledgement to reflexology and the importance of our feet in many health matters).

Caring For The Foot

After successfully completing such study, a doctor can qualify to be licensed to practice as a Doctor Of Podiatric Medicine (or DPM). Such a doctor would be the real Foot Doctor In Kenosha, WI.

A DPM can perform reconstructive surgery for diabetics, treat Achilles’ heel problems and a veritable host of foot problems (even including advice on special shoe needs where necessary). In some countries the term “chiropodist” can be taken to be synonymous with a podiatrist but, generally speaking, a Foot Doctor In Kenosha, WI would be treating the more serious ailments and foot injuries leaving the chiropodist to work on corn, bunion, callus and verruca removal or other, more cosmetic, work.

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