What is an aerobic septic system?

There are a number of septic systems in Ottawa in common use, one of which is an aerobic system. In an aerobic septic system bacteria are encouraged to grow rapidly so they can further break down the effluent prior to release. An aerobic septic system is often used as it takes less space and is used when a conventional septic system is impractical or will not fit in the allotted space. In the event the homeowners existing septic system begins to malfunction, this aerobic system can be used to replace it. These systems are manufactured by a number of different suppliers but need septic professionals in septic systems in Ottawa for installation.

Initially the processing in aerobic septic systems in Ottawa is similar to the conventional processing; wastewater flows into a holding tank, the solids settle to the bottom and the liquid flows to a secondary holding tank. In this second tank however, blowers keep air moving so that aerobic bacteria can multiply quickly which in turn process the wastewater which is then discharged through another pipe. As there may still be microorganisms in this water, many regions demand that the waste water is sterilized with bleach or some other equally effective chemical.

As the aerobic system processes wastewater much quicker than a conventional system, less space is required, the downside is that this system can be more costly to operate as electricity is required to run the fans and tank agitator. As well as being more expensive to operate, people must be more aware of what is deposited in the septic system so that the microorganisms remain healthy and continue to work. As an example, if bleach is regularly used to clean the toilet, this may have a detrimental effect on the aerobic septic system.

An aerobic septic system is really a small sewage treatment plant but designed for a single residence only. They are normally used in rural areas as the urban areas are traditionally served with sanitary sewers which lead to central treatment plants. The effluent which results from the treatment is great for ornamental shrubs etc but it should not be used for food crops just in case some of the microorganisms made it completely through the system.

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