What Is Supply Chain Traceability and Why It Matters Cambridge MA

Supply chain traceability is the process of tracking the origin and route of products and their impact from the beginning of the supply chain to the consumer. Businesses use traceability for many reasons. Particularly in the pharmaceutical, beverage, and food industries, there are safety and operational efficiency solutions involved in tracking the supply chain from start to finish.

There are many benefits involved with supply chain management such as having the ability to track a product’s journey from the source to the customer, having the transparency to trace products back to the origination point nearby, cut down on the mislabeling of products, and having the ability to handle crises such as recalls and locating the product back to the original production factory. For contaminated or defective products, it is essential to pinpoint the product’s source and distribution channels.

Supply chain management is the ability to locate a product within any stage in the supply chain. Every manufacturer should make traceability a part of their business strategy. It can improve not only efficiency in operations; it can help with quality benchmarks allowing for root cause analysis close to the supply chain.

The ability to review the whole production process can help a business pinpoint inefficiencies and potential problems. Supply chain traceability is an automated process. Companies can monitor every stage of a product’s journey from the raw materials to when they hit the production line, and even when they are delivered to the consumer.

Supply chain traceability is a must for manufacturing and production. Visit SourceTrace Systems online at https://www.sourcetrace.com to learn more.

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