What Nashville House Movers Can’t Move

Mar 12, 18 What Nashville House Movers Can’t Move

For both long distance and local moves, most moving services are able to accommodate a wide range of different items. This includes furniture, fixtures, electronics, computers, clothing, kitchen items and even non-perishable foods.

However, there are also many things that house movers cannot move in their trucks. It is a good idea to talk to your Nashville moving companies and get a full list of their non-allowable items to prevent any problems during your move.

Hazardous Materials and Items

Most of the items on the list of hazardous materials make sense and are obvious why house movers cannot put them on a truck. These include anything that is corrosive, such as acids, or things that are flammable or explosive.

Any type of chemicals, including those for pools, as well as painting supplies and paints, gas or fuels, lighter fluids or any type of herbicides and pesticides, are prohibited items.

Large cell batteries, such as those for cars or other types of equipment, cannot go on the trucks. Ammunition, propane tanks, fire extinguishers or fertilizers are also non-allowable.

Some things you may not think about that cannot go in your household boxes on the truck include nail polish, household batteries for small electronics, matches or lighters as well as any aerosol cans.

Plants and Food

Long distance movers in Nashville will not move any type of houseplants or outdoor plants or any type of perishable foods, including frozen food. Local movers may have different policies, particularly if the time on the truck is going to be relatively short. Talk to the moving company well in advance if you want to put these items on a local move truck.

Keep in mind, if something happens to your belongings during the move, and the cause is found to be a prohibitive item, the house movers will deny any claim for the damage as the contract has been breached.

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