What to Know Before Visiting a Scrap Yard in Philadelphia

If you plan to visit a Scrap yard in Philadelphia to sell your scrap metal in the near future, there are several things you might want to know before you go. This can be a great way to make money, but many people don’t know about it, or want to learn more. Keep reading to learn the most essential info about your local Scrap yard in Philadelphia!

The primary reason that your scrap metal is worth money is that the metal can be recycled in so many ways. There are a number of different industries that use scrap metal for various components and tools. For example, the medical industry may use scrap metal to create new wheelchairs or new medical tools like scalpels. The factory industry often uses scrap metals in a variety of ways, for example for machine fabrication and for the creation of new tools that are used to work on the machines.

The metals that your Scrap yard in Philadelphia will accept for recycling are usually pretty varied. In general, most scrap yards are willing to accept copper, steel, nickel, brass, aluminum, and iron. The value of each metal depends in part on the current markets for the metal, and in part on the individual scrap yard’s personal pricing policies. Copper is typically the most valuable of all scrap metals by far, and iron would usually be at the bottom of the value scale. Even if a scrap metal like iron is not worth very much, it does still hold value and by recycling it you can get it off your property and do the good deed of recycling.

Usually, your local Scrap yard in Philadelphia will separate your different scrap metals into piles so that they can be weighed. Once weighed, you will be given a total value for each metal. While you may not make quite as much as the current metal markets list for price values, remember that the scrap yard has to charge some type of small fee for their own services and for the cost that it will incur to recycle your scraps into a new metal that will be used in other ways.

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