What Types of Support are Offered by Quality Payroll Services?

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Business

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When business owners think about outsourcing payroll functions, they do not always realize how many financial services they can utilize through that one provider.  In fact, many Quality Payroll Services do much more than calculate payroll and make sure the checks are deposited.  Here are some of the other tools that come along with the package.

Withholding and Reporting Taxes

As part of the overall process, most Quality Payroll Services take on the task of withholding taxes for each employee, based on the number of dependents claimed.  Those funds are then reported and forwarded to the appropriate tax agencies.  As part of the deal, the service can also withhold employer taxes and make sure they are reported using the correct forms and sent to the tax agencies in a timely manner.  That helps to free up a substantial amount of time for the business owner.

Tracking Attendance

Firms of this type also provide solutions for tracking attendance.  That makes it all the easier to identify trends in which it seems an employee is out on a regular basis.  The data can also help in calculating the accrual of personal, sick, and vacation days.  At any point in time, the client can access data about employee attendance and see if there is any need to discuss habitual tardiness or absences with an employee.

Help with Human Resource Functions

Small business owners often have to accomplish a great deal with a limited amount of resources.  When it comes to matters revolving around Human Resources, it helps to know that the payroll service can provide support.  That support can help ensure the company is in compliance with current laws, and that employees are provided with a means to air differences and seek solutions.

For business owners who would like to know more about what payroll services have to offer, contact the team at Advantage Payroll Services today.  A representative can visit the place of business and talk with the owner about each of the services offered, and what they can do to help make operating a company a little easier.  After learning more about the range of support services and the cost involved, it is a safe bet that the owner will see the wisdom in setting up an account immediately.

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