What You Need to Know About Giving a Deposition in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Mar 12, 18 What You Need to Know About Giving a Deposition in a Workers’ Compensation Case

If you are asked to give a deposition in court for a workers’ compensation case, it means that you have been asked to go under oath and tell the truth about a situation. This is often required by the LaGrange workers’ compensation lawyer working with someone who was injured on the job. Witnesses to the injury or professionals who evaluated the injury are often asked to answer questions for the courts about the incident. Here’s what you need to know about giving a deposition.

You Must Avoid Anything but the Facts

If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer to, simply say that you do not know. Don’t try to guess at the most probable fact, even if you say “I imagine that this happened” or “This probably happened next based on what I know”, or anything like that. Just state what you know for sure.

Always Answer Out Loud

Your words are being recorded in the court records, so you must be sure that you answer out loud. Try to avoid nodding or shaking your head in response, and be specific with your answers. If you point to something, like “this hand was injured” when answering, while pointing to your left hand, say “left hand” instead.

Be Sure to Listen to the Entire Question Before Thinking of Your Answer

You will need to give the lawyer time to ask their entire question and pause for a moment before answering. This gives the other lawyer or the judge a chance to ensure that the question is proper. They may want to stop you from answering if the question is leading, for example. Let the LaGrange workers’ compensation lawyer have a chance to object if necessary before you give your answer to the question.

Be Clear and Calm When Answering

Finally, if you are asked to give a deposition, be sure to stay calm and give clear, polite answers. Your behavior could be being used to speak to the credibility of the case, and if your friend or loved one, or even patient or coworker, is seeking help for an injury suffered at work, you don’t want to hurt their case. Ask for a break if you need to collect yourself during the questioning.

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