What You Need to Know About the Best Observation Deck in Chicago

Feb 22, 21 What You Need to Know About the Best Observation Deck in Chicago

If you’re a tourist in Chicago, your number one plan should be to have the city’s skyline’s spectacular sight. You can always have a view of the whole city at one point. But how can you achieve this without walking all-round the big city? To understand how this is possible, read this informative article. You’ll get to know all about the best observation deck in Chicago.

Given that there are several Chicago viewpoints where you can enjoy the amazing skyline, you have to choose the best. However, picking the best observation deck in Chicago can always be tricky if you have no in-depth information. One of the places you can enjoy the beautiful, unparalleled view of the city is 360 Chicago.

All you need to have a clear view of the city’s skyline is the admission fee at any of the observation deck. When in this observation deck, you’ll be able to see the city’s magnificent buildings, the Chicago River, and the Michigan lake. All these take place on the 94th floor of Michigan Avenue, which is about 1000 feet high in the middle of Chicago city. The building has touch screens which inform you about the city’s history in different languages. Remember, you’ll also not miss the fun thrill at the tilt. While at the best observation deck the city has to offer, you won’t worry about where to get food or drinks since it has a bar and café. The best offer will always be at 360 Chicago since they have fair prices and open daily and operate until late in the night.

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