When Did You Last Update Your Website SEO In Los Angeles?

by | May 21, 2015 | Internet Marketing

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As a business owner, it is easy to see your website as a one-time investment both in time and money. Many websites, even those of some of the top companies, have been online untouched for years, leaving them looking dated and old. However, it is important to realize if you are not regularly updating your SEO in Los Angeles, your website will have more problems than just its appearance.

Initially, SEO in Los Angeles for any online site was fairly straightforward. The search engines used a formula based on the number of words, keywords density and the use of tags and headers to position the website. Then, as customers clicked on the search results, a website could move up the rankings.

This resulted in what is now known as keyword stuffing. The more times a website featured a specific keyword, the better it ranked. Overall, however, these websites were not helpful to consumers and often used keywords unrelated to their products and services just to get customers to the site.

SEO for Today

Today’s SEO in Los Angeles is based on much more complex formulas and algorithms developed by the search engines. While keywords still play a part in determining rankings, they are only one factor in the formula. This is true for organic search ranking results, or those not paid to show at the top of the search engine results for given search terms.

Now, as any top company providing services for SEO in Los Angeles will tell you, the content, the links, the relevance, and the quality of the website is just as important. In fact, old style keyword dense websites are being penalized with the new algorithms and are quickly losing their positions at the top of the organic search engine result pages.

Add Quality

The emphasis with SEO in Los Angeles is now on the quality of the content. This includes relevant and timely information, but it also includes originality, correctness and the types of links and connections to other high-quality sites contained on the web page.

Adding quality through updating your SEO in Los Angeles can and should include considering pay per click, RSS feeds, social media links and connections to the website as well as the use of blogs and AdWords. Talking to your SEO specialist about upgrading and updating your website will show results, and will give your customers a much better online shopping experience.

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