When is it Time to Take Your Fur Baby to the Richmond Animal Hospital?

Feb 18, 20 When is it Time to Take Your Fur Baby to the Richmond Animal Hospital?

Everyone loves their pets and worries about them when they’re not in good health. Many wait until the pet is crying in pain or lying around with no energy to take them to the vet clinic in Richmond, TX. These are signs that pet parents should know in order to get their pets help before it reaches the critical stage.

Physical Signs

Pets are like human babies who can’t tell us where it hurts. The difference is that pets don’t advertise their illnesses. They’re not far from the wild creatures of yesteryear, when an illness meant the pack had to protect one of its own. Today’s pets will lie quietly, perhaps hide under beds or in closets, limp to ease pressure on the painful area, won’t climb stairs, and sleep a lot. When your pet shows these signs, get her to a vet immediately.

Pet Habits

You’ll know it’s time to vist the vet clinic in Richmond, TX, when your pet no longer jumps about and plays like she formerly did. If she doesn’t eat as much, drinks too little water if any at all, doesn’t want to ride in the car, or sleep on the bed with you, then it’s time to see the vet. Try to keep her as hydrated as you can so dehydration doesn’t make her illness worse.

We all worry about our furry family members. At the first sign of behavior or physical signs that are unlike them, contact us at http://www.greatwoodvethospital.com. Greatwood Veterinary Hospital is standing by to help.

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