When moving interstate, these things are no-nos.

When your move is going to take you across country there are a few things you need to know when hiring the long distance movers in Philadelphia. Some of these points may appear to be obvious but something as simple as being prepared with a pen on the other end to check off the items as they come off the truck can be a big deal if you find yourself without one.

Here are a few things that you must not do when you hire long distance movers in Philadelphia:

* Don’t hire a company that demands payment in cash: You need to know in advance what kind of payment is expected by the moving company. A company that expects cash is a risk; this is what is expected from rogue companies. Remember, your possessions are going to be out of sight for some time and you do not want to work with a company that will load up and rive off with them, never to be seen again. Make sure the company is legitimate; ask the BBB if they have any bad comments about the companies you are considering.

* Don’t pay a thing until the truck is empty: As the boxes and items are offloaded you must check everything against the packing list. If the truck is empty and there are things missing then do not pay. Once you sign off on the packing list it is going to be very hard to claim compensation if you find things is missing. Count and double check, do this with the company representative and if there is a problem, let it be there problem and not yours, after all you do have some leverage because your goods are now in your new home.

* Don’t pack high value items: Things such as your passport, expensive jewelry, accounting records etc must not be loaded on the truck. Anything of high value should travel with you and not the mover.

* Don’t sign anything that you don’t understand: Make sure you have completely studied and understand the moving contract. Remember, you probably will be dealing with other people at the other end and they must be in a position to substantiate any documents that they ask you to sign. If you see that these are additional fees that are not in the estimate, demand an explanation and if there is a problem, talk to the supervisor.

By attending to any anomalies on the day of the move you can eliminate any problems with lost or damaged furniture or other possessions.

Moving is stressful but you can make it go smoother if you understand that you are the customer and you expect certain things to happen. Dealing with a company that is well respected is one way of eliminating problems with long distance movers in Philadelphia; call Superior Moving & Storage, Inc.

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