When Some of the Most Scenic Golf Courses Are in Your Neck of the Woods

Nov 23, 20 When Some of the Most Scenic Golf Courses Are in Your Neck of the Woods

People are often surprised to learn that some of the world’s most scenic golf courses are within a short driving distance of where they live. Such is the case with the best golf courses in Lake Geneva, WI. Wisconsin seems like such a simple state, and if you ask anyone else anywhere else in the country, they assume that Wisconsin is one of two things; covered in cows or enshrouded in absolute wilderness. Neither assumptions could be further from the truth, especially when you see some of the stunning golf courses this state has to offer.

The Best Golf Courses in Lake Geneva, WI

One of the top golf courses, and quite possibly one of the most scenic, is Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva. When they say, “on the lake” they mean on the lake. A big part of the golf course is very near the lake, a water trap you definitely want to avoid if you are playing golf! Yet, the views of trees and nature all around and the sounds of Wisconsin wildlife is very soothing. The golf courses here are relatively challenging, but the perks of membership are through the roof.

One or two other courses in the area are nice, but not nearly as nice as Abbey Springs. This particular golf resort has umpteen amenities to go along with the game, including a massive clubhouse, fitness center, dining options and a hall for special events. If you want to check it out, contact Abbey Springs Country Club today.

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