When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Everett, MA

Oct 13, 17 When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Everett, MA

Riding a motorcycle can be a very freeing experience for anyone. It provides an open mode of transportation that allows a person to really feel the speed they are traveling. It is also a very cost-effective way to travel in the warmer months since motorcycles use far less gas than a car. They can also be more convenient and allow easier parking at various locations. Unfortunately, there are risks with riding a motorcycle as well. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Everett MA can help with these situations.

Cars often ignore motorcycles

The small design of a motorcycle can make it more difficult for a car driver to see. Unfortunately, many car drivers do not pay much attention to motorcycles when they do see them. Vehicles may drive more carelessly around motorcycles and not give them the same courtesies they would give another car. Unfortunately, these factors can often lead to serious accidents between cars and motorcycles.

Motorcycle rider injuries

When a motorcycle rider gets into an accident, they have less of the vehicle protecting their body from the impact. If the motorcycle is struck by a vehicle, often the rider is struck as well. In addition, a motorcycle rider can be more easily thrown from the bike during a collision due to the lack of seat belts and vehicle keeping them in place. This can cause more serious and life-threatening injuries to a rider than those faced when driving a car.

Dealing with the insurance company

When an accident occurs due to the fault of a careless car driver, the motorcycle driver is due compensation to cover all costs and losses associated with the accident. This can include any ongoing medical bills and time lost from work. Unfortunately, insurance companies will attempt to settle these claims for a little as possible. They will also attempt to settle quickly, often before the full extent of the injuries is known. Once the settlement is signed, the rider has no recourse to get more compensation later.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Everett MA can help in these situations. They can deal with the insurance company to ensure a fair settlement is reached to cover all costs of the accident. They can even go to court if it becomes necessary. Click here for more information about accident attorneys and how they can help. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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