Who Should Consider Braces in Chicago, IL?

Sep 16, 20 Who Should Consider Braces in Chicago, IL?

In essence, anyone who has crooked, gaps or crowded teeth, or those who have a bite problem are suitable candidates for braces in Chicago Il. It doesn’t matter what age you are though there are prime times in a person’s life where the treatment will work best.

Children at age seven should have an evaluation to detect any possible problems where orthodontics can help. Children will likely have a two-phase treatment, but if they have missed this option, they can still receive orthodontic care though dental extractions and other procedures may also be necessary.

Adults can also benefit from this treatment though the success rate may be lower, and it may take longer to reach the desired effect.

Metal Wire

The most common type of appliance is the metal wire version. This is the traditional option that has been around for many years. Stainless steel is typically used, and the metal brackets are bonded to the teeth, with a wire inserted to secure the tooth. Usually, elastic ties are also used though self-ligating brackets are also available nowadays.

Ceramic Wire

Ceramic wire options are also available and are known as clear braces. These are typically considered a cosmetic option because they aren’t as noticeable as metal versions. The brackets are still bonded in the same way, but they are ceramic (tooth colored) instead of metal. Clear elastic ties are also used though ceramic self-ligating brackets can also be found.


The lingual option is rarely used by most orthodontists because they are placed on the back of the teeth instead of the front. While they can work better for those with cosmetic concerns (such as not being as noticeable), they aren’t the method of choice by most dentists and orthodontists. The main reason for this is that the treatment time is usually longer, sometimes double the amount for traditional options.

Alternative Metal Options

Alternative metals can also be considered, for those who want to show off their brackets or for those with specific allergies. Titanium brackets are considered an excellent alternative to traditional ones for those with an allergy to nickel and gold-plated stainless steel is an excellent choice for those that want to add bling to their mouths.


The most popular option is the clear aligner or Invisalign system. These can work well to straighten teeth, but won’t work to move the root and tooth to a new position.

If you’re searching for affordable braces in Chicago, IL, contact us at Lippitz Orthodontics today.

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