Why Chicago Homeowners Should Invest in a Flood Control System

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Plumbing

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Floods happen. It’s important for homeowners to ensure that their houses are prepared to handle a flood. This is especially true for homes with basements. If the house does not have adequate flood control systems in place, they are subject to a variety of problems including dampness, water buildup, and water damage. There are experts in flood control systems in Chicago available to come and assess a structure’s weaknesses in terms of water damage.

How do homeowners know if their home has already been affected by water damage? Look for small puddles of water or discoloration around the basement floor. These need to be discovered and resolved quickly. This type of water damage can cause mold or contribute to other health conditions. Also, if the water reaches other vital areas such as the furnace, water heater or other appliances – the damages caused could be extreme!

While insurance may cover some of the damages, there are generally hefty deductibles involved. Also, some insurance policies exclude “acts of God” meaning that they won’t cover damages caused by heavy rains or flooding. This is why learning more about flood control systems in Chicago can save homeowners both money and frustration.

Homeowners put quite a bit into the purchase and upkeep of their residence. A flood control system is an investment, It pays to spend money in systems that will protect that investment. Basement floors are made of concrete. Since concrete is water-based, standing water will break down the elements of the material over time. This could cause cracking or buckling. Chicago is known for having quite a bit of precipitation each year. This level of rainfall means that those who want to be proactive should look into flood control systems in Chicago and find out what will work best for their houses.

There are different types of flood control systems.

  • Standpipes – These are affordable and installed directly into the basement floordrain. However, if the home does not have a sump pump, flooding is still possible. Plus, standpipes are not attractive and can often be in the way.
  • Backwater Valve – Another affordable option and can be installed inside the home. These require annual maintenance and again flooding is still possible if the home doesn’t have a sump pump.
  • Floor Control Pump – This one is a great option because it pumps both the sewer and drain tile during a flood. If everything is working properly, the home will not flood. With this option, the sewer can be used during a flood as well. However, the cost of this choice is a bit higher than standpipes or a backwater valve.
  • Overhead Sewer – This is the top choice in terms of effectiveness. It offers the most flood protection possible as long as the equipment is properly maintained. However, this option is the priciest and does require the most amount of maintenance.

Homeowners looking to find out more about flood control systems in Chicago should do their research and select a trustworthy plumbing company. Not every plumber specializes in flood control systems in Chicago so make certain that an expert is selected to consult with.

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