The Importance of Live Scan Fingerprinting

Oct 30, 15 The Importance of Live Scan Fingerprinting

This process is an amazing new technology that has a number of benefits. Fingerprinting has come a long way from basic ink fingerprints that have the tendency to smear and be inaccurate. Live scan fingerprinting captures fingerprints electronically with a live scan machine. No card or ink is required in this type of fingerprinting. The individual’s fingers would be rolled over a glass plate and then scanned. It is cleaner, faster, and more accurate than any other fingerprinting method.

What makes it better?

One fact that most people are unaware of is that many individual’s fingerprints can be difficult to read. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Poor fingerprints can be due to age, work exposure, such as harsh cleaning or construction work. Live scan fingerprinting makes it much easier for fingerprints to be read and then submitted to the federal or state agency in order to be processed.

Who uses This Process?

Live scan fingerprinting is used by state and federal agencies all over the country. Often time’s they are used when a criminal is booked into jail to verify identity. However, these machines are most commonly used for background checks for employment purposes. It is quite common for a potential employer to use these machines to make sure that you do not have a criminal history and to verify identity. Do not be surprised if you are asked to submit a fingerprint after your next job interview.

Mostly state and government agencies use fingerprinting as a means to verify identity and check for a criminal background. If you plan on working as mail carrier, banker, library employee, or any other government or banking job, you can expect they will require fingerprinting to be performed before you are hired.

What should you bring?

When you go and have your live scan fingerprinting performed, you typically just need to bring a photo ID with you in order to verify you are who you say you are. The agency who requested the results will get them typically in about 48 hours. You can get your live scan fingerprinting in Miami, FL, or various other areas that currently have this amazing technology.

This technology has truly changed the way fingerprinting is done. It is easier, more accurate, and a lot less messy. It is easier and more effective way to provide accurate results to state and federal agencies.

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