Why Choose Resin Countertops for Your Lab?

Apr 27, 18 Why Choose Resin Countertops for Your Lab?

It’s not uncommon for someone to have a question about what types of countertops are best for use in a laboratory. There are numerous materials that can be used and each of these has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, some options are better than others and have more attributes that fit the laboratory environment. Today, we’re going to look at resin countertops and why they are a fantastic option for lab use.

Durability Factor

If you are looking for the best durability from your countertops, there is little that can beat resin countertops. Both epoxy resin and phenolic resin are known for being long-lasting and suffering few problems as a result of constant use. Many people think of stainless steel when they want the most durable product, but resins are at the same level. They also have many other perks that make them a better choice for many.

Laboratory Needs

For those who are using chemicals in the lab, the resin is again an excellent choice. There are a few reasons for that. For one, the chemicals will not be absorbed into the material of the countertop. This can be a serious hazard with countertops made of wood or other porous materials. Also, resin countertops are heat resistant at a higher level than the alternatives available. Either type of resin is capable of being used in a workspace with no problems.

Value Factor

Choosing a resin countertop may not be the least expensive option. However, you have to consider the fact that you are getting a durable counter that is resistant to fire, chemicals, and bacteria. When choosing between epoxy resin or phenolic resin, you may find that phenolic is a bit less expensive. This is because the heat resistance is a bit lower for this product. If you do not plan to be using heats more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this can save money when buying your countertops.

Making the Choice

If you are going to go with a resin countertop, think about the temperature resistance needed for the countertop. You should also consider your budget and how big a factor durability is. If you have a smaller budget but don’t need extra heat resistance, phenolic is an excellent choice. If not, epoxy may best fit your particular needs.

Countertops and More

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