Why Dental Implants May Be the Right Option for Missing Teeth

Apr 16, 21 Why Dental Implants May Be the Right Option for Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth can be devastating. Thankfully, there is a good solution. Here are the top benefits associated with dental implants in Lakeview.

When you lose a tooth, this means that you are likely to lose bone mass in your jaw. The jaw bone needs stimulation to maintain its mass. When you have dental implants, the jawbone will continue to receive stimulation. This is a good option for those who want to replace a missing tooth and who want to prevent bone loss.

The great thing about dental implants in Lakeview is that they are customized to meet your needs. The implant will match your natural teeth. Your dentist is going to consider the size and shape of your other teeth when designing a dental implant for you. This means that it will perfectly fit the gap and will blend in well with your surrounding teeth. It will only be you and your dentist who know which of your teeth are implants.

After getting dental implants, you will experience the benefit of maintaining the shape of your face. Losing multiple teeth means that your facial structure will change because support has been lost. A great way to maintain a natural and youthful look is to use dental implants. You will also experience the benefit of continuing to enjoy natural-sounding speech.

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