Why Look at Alternative Military Officers’ Housing in Virginia Beach?

Aug 16, 21 Why Look at Alternative Military Officers’ Housing in Virginia Beach?

Once your orders come through, you must start looking into housing. One option that all servicemen and women have is the ability to live on base. However, base housing is not something that everybody wants. Here are some of the reasons why others have started looking into alternative military officers’ housing in Virginia Beach.

Base Realignment and Closure Commission

One of the downfalls to living on base rather than in other military officers’ housing in Virginia Beach is BRAC. This initiative allows for the closure of various military bases when they are deemed unnecessary. When a base suddenly closes, everybody living on base must relocate. This means finding new housing for your family and sometimes uprooting them.

Shared Housing

If you are a single junior-enlisted member, the only housing option you have on base is barracks. In this living situation, you will share a room with at least one other person. There is a communal bathroom and a single phone in a hallway. Barracks are often haphazardly maintained, making them not ideal living conditions for anybody.

Housing Is Often Outdated

When choosing to live on base, you are gambling on whether or not the housing will be up to date. Some servicemen and women also find the base housing to be too small to comfortably fit their families. Others might lack some of the modern amenities that you have grown accustomed to. The best way to avoid any of these potential issues is to look into other housing off base.

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