Why Orange County is One of the Best Places to Go On Vacation

Mar 31, 20 Why Orange County is One of the Best Places to Go On Vacation

Why Orange County is One of the Best Places to Go on Vacation If you are planning to vacation this year, then you should certainly consider going to a beach resort in Orange County. By doing so, you will not only have instant access to the crystal blue waters for which Newport Beach and the surrounding areas have become famous, but you will also have an astounding number of attractions to visit in the surrounding areas.

Many people are now going to Orange County beach resorts simply for the wide array of shopping venues that can be found here. Fashion Island, for instance, has become the epicenter of shopping around Newport Beach, and people flock from all over Orange County to experience this incredible shopping venue.

Along with impressive shopping venues like these also come to incredible restaurants too. A beach restaurant in Orange County can provide you with an exceptionally pleasing experience by serving up ocean-fresh seafood alongside the beautiful coastline. This supports a unique dining experience that allows visitors to try an array of fresh seafood cuisines they just might not be able to get back home.

A beach restaurant in Orange County will serve up the freshest oysters you’ve ever tasted with an array of delectable meals having all your favorite kinds of fish. Of course, being situated in Orange County means these laid-back establishments also offer all your favorite finger foods as well. These delightful dishes include crisp French fries and scrumptious cheeseburgers that are perfect for anyone in your family who isn’t interested in exploring the endless array of seafood found in Newport Beach. To make a reservation for your next vacation, check out Newport Dunes at 949.999.3100.

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