Why Should I Go To The Dentist?

Do a random survey of 1000 people and ask them their least favorite medical experience and you are almost guaranteed to hear the word dentist. For some reason visiting this particular office is about as much fun as handling a porcupine that has a temper. From the uncomfortable gel molds all the way to the ear piercing sounds of plaque being chipped away, making a visit to your local mouth expert is not something that many folks would consider to be a great time. However, while the experience itself may be less than enjoyable, there is no questioning the need and the benefit of regularly going to the dentist office. Over the next few moments let’s examine some of the more blatant reasons as to why you should make an appointment with your doctor very, very soon.

First, if you are over the age of 16 you are nearly 100% guaranteed to have all of your permanent teeth. The interesting thing about permanent teeth is that when they are gone, they are gone. There is no replacing any of those teeth once you reach a certain age. This is the best reason for making an appointment to see your local dentist. By making this visit at least two times per year, you are nearly 90% more likely to keep your teeth and not have to shell out big bucks for dental work. Additionally, when your teeth begin to decay, deteriorate, and even fall out, it is a very unsightly and downright unpleasant scenario to watch. Your personal appeal will begin to fall away and your overall look will be affected.

Another great reason for you to make an appointment with your dentist is so you can save money. Money seems to be the driving force behind much of the world today. With an economy in shambles and with the prospects for finding a better job getting weaker and weaker, it would behoove you to make the necessary precautions now to avoid a tremendous out of pocket cost later on down the road. Some of the more common procedures that are performed in the dentist office are root canals, along with bridgework. Root canal pricing begins at $800 and bridgework can quickly move into the $2000 range. Even if you do not have insurance it is actually cheaper to have routine service work done as opposed to having major dental work done. Keep that in mind.

Finally, making a trip to the dentist is not fun and we have established that. However, the greatest benefit could be that your smile will be vastly improved. With cleaner, whiter teeth you are almost guaranteed to make an impression that will always stick. Would you rather be remembered as the person with the yellow teeth or the white teeth? That’s what I thought. Make that appointment today!

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