Why You Case Might be Rejected Under Personal Injury Law in Bronx NY

Sep 29, 16 Why You Case Might be Rejected Under Personal Injury Law in Bronx NY

Personal injury cases are meant to help those who are injured due to the negligence or direct action of another person. They allow the victim to obtain the compensation they need to financially recover from the incident, so they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay all of the bills for their injuries. However, not every situation is going to qualify under personal injury law in Bronx NY.

There Aren’t Quantifiable Injuries

The injuries must be quantifiable for there to be a monetary amount added to them. If the person simply has hurt feelings or is sore, there may not be anything to bill the liable party for. They weren’t financially impacted by the accident. On the other hand, if they had to see a doctor for their injuries or they needed to see a therapist because they developed a disorder because of the event, it could qualify. It also depends on the amount of the bills. A couple hundred dollars isn’t going to be worth the effort, but tens of thousands will.

There Isn’t Sufficient Evidence

There needs to be evidence to prove the liable party was liable for the injuries. Although it’s not as strict of a requirement as criminal cases are, the victim still needs to be able to prove it was the other person who caused the accident. If they cannot do this, the chances of the case being successful are zero. This is something a person might not be able to determine on their own, so it’s often a good idea for them to speak with a lawyer. The lawyer can help them determine if they have sufficient evidence and might be able to help them collect further evidence if applicable.

The Victim Was Partially Responsible

In some cases, the victim could be partially responsible for their own injuries. For instance, if both vehicles were speeding because they were racing and one driver lost control, the other driver is still responsible for the accident because they should not have been speeding. Since they contributed significantly to their own accident, they might not be able to obtain compensation for their injuries.

The personal injury law in Bronx NY has strict regulations for what cases can and cannot be seen in the courts. If a person is worried about whether their case qualifies, they can Contact us today for more information.

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