Why Your Garage Door Needs Hurricane Reinforcement

Apr 16, 18 Why Your Garage Door Needs Hurricane Reinforcement

Living on the eastern coast of Florida means accepting the inevitability of a hurricane or hurricane-force winds. This kind of weather has dramatic impact on your home. If your garage isn’t reinforced to handle harsh winds, then you need to seek garage door service in Melbourne, FL. Here is a look at how your garage door can be reinforced and the benefits of doing so.

Additional Bracing

For a non-permanent solution, a brace can be attached to your garage door in advance of harsh weather and high winds. This solution can be useful for a seasonal home where you do not use the garage much during some times but want to remove extra hardware when the door is in use. Approved braces typically attach to the wall above the garage door, the floor and each hinge.

Your entire garage door could also be replaced with one reinforced at key weak points. These include the strut, channel and truss of the door. Since Florida law requires all garage doors meet certain wind codes, either a new door or reinforcing your existing door is a must.

Benefits of Reinforced Garage Doors

Hurricane force winds can cause massive damage, but a reinforced garage door can prevent some of that from happening to your home. If the wind gets in through your garage, the size of the door means immense pressure. A reinforced garage door reduces the risk of wind taking your roof off or blowing out your windows. Preventing wind from coming in through your garage also protects your valuables from being broken or blown away.

Garage door service in Melbourne, FL, includes reinforcing your existing garage door or installing a new one that meets local standards. It’s easy to do and once done; it can give you a feeling of security. Make sure your garage door is ready for the next hurricane season.

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