10 Reasons you need to update your Electrical Circuits

Modern homes have far different needs than the homes of 50 or even 20 years ago. As you continue to purchase higher grade appliances and electronics your home puts more and more demands on the power it is using. You need to consider your needs in regards to circuit breakers and what you really need such as NS100H Merlin Gerin Compact NS. Here are 10 reasons you should update your electrical circuits:

1. More Appliances: Kitchens used to have a fridge and stove and that was about it. Today’s modern kitchen has added everything from microwaves and countertop convection ovens to high end restaurant grade cappuccino machines.

2. More Televisions: It also used to be good enough to have a single television the whole family would gather round to watch together. Today’s homes have a TV in every room as well as satellite or cable services wired throughout the home. Add on DVD players, gaming systems and complicated home theatres and things are even worse.

3. Computers: Of course computers are a major contributor to your home’s electrical drain and all the items that come with them from printers to speakers and additional phone or modem lines.

4. Fancier Lighting Demands: Dimmer switches, ceiling fans and more complicated lighting can also put more demands on your electrical system.

5. DIYers: If you are a DIYer you can be putting demands on your electrical when you use your power tools and the bigger the tools the more the drain.

6. Outdoor Living: Pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting and all the other perks of an outdoor living space are huge drains on your homes energy.

7. Security Systems: Security systems can also cause issues depending on how intricate they might be. From closed circuit cameras to motion detectors and panels to keep track of everything.

8. Home Control Systems: And of course the ultimate appliance in any home is the controller to run all of these things.

Having all of these advanced electronics and appliances add a great deal of strain to your NS100H Merlin Gerin Compact NS or circuit breakers. You need to speak to an electrician to discuss your current power system and what upgrades you require to help keep pace with the demands of your state of the art appliances and electronics.

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