10 Things You Didn’t Know About Utility Locating

Did you know that there could be gas lines, electrical lines, cables, and sewage lines where you least expected them? Utility locators in New Jersey come to your house or business and show you or your contractors where all the main lines are so you can make any changes to the property safely.

1. When you are ready to install a new hot tub or swimming pool in your New Jersey home, calling a professional to detect utilities could save you money and even prevent a lawsuit.

2. Even if you are not using a gas stove, there could still be natural gas lines under your house. If you have always wanted to cook with gas, now’s your chance to find out if you can.

3. Utility locating is critical for some services, like pool or sprinkler installation, but may also be necessary for home renovations.

4. Utility locating is not as easy as it sounds. When you bought your house, it did not come with a user manual telling you were everything is. That’s why professionals like Atlantic come to your home.

5. When you hire a contractor to do a job, they don’t necessarily know about utility locating. Utility locating is a specialization.

6. You might not be receiving the best satellite service, but have you considered asking a utility locator about cable lines in your area?

7. If you are on a septic system, a utility locator can help you to prevent any problems running into the main line.

8. If your contractor runs into a main of any type and causes damage, the fines and possible lawsuits could be far more expensive than you imagined.

9. If you are renovating a house, utility locating might be necessary especially when installing new plumbing.

10. Even when you are making what seem like simple changes, you might not be aware that main power, water, or gas are immediately below you.

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